What are people saying?

Thank you for a wonderful year last year and for your on-the-ball efficiency in the first month of this new year! Tara is awesome and I am so glad to have you as our email provider. We had a incident a few days back and I was so grateful, so impressed and relieved all at the same time -- you have our back and we know it! Such a wonderful feeling!
Joy in this New Year and Magnified blessing from the hand of our Almighty God are wished for you throughout!
Crisenda, WA
Thanks Steve for this new product. I just signed up for your email because I believe it is more secure than the email I have had. I hope to upgrade to the FireFilter 2 for pc's on Firefox. This is exciting news!
Again, thanks for helping us to stay away from the garbage all around us on the web. That my heart and mind will more easily be close to the Lord.
Josef, WI
Thank you for your faithfulness in controlling the viewed pages over the Internet. I am behind you all the way.
Rebecca, MS
I personally want to thank you for watching my back in such matters as this. My wife and I are missionaries to Africa and just don't have the time to check every email out for it's content.
Leland and Lynn, AL
You are doing the Godly thing by blocking these sites. I requested Facebook to be blocked due to a sexual matter and with out hesitation you blocked it for me. Thank you for doing what is right!!!!!!!!!!!
Robyn, MD
I just wanted to thank you again for your strong moral stand. Thank you for the many lives that will be protected because of your courage and strength. It is so incredibly important to have an alternative to the predatory culture. I went to a walk-in clinic this weekend because I had flu symptoms. The doctor, upon seeing that I had my elementary teacher books with me, told me how "lucky" I was that I wasn't teaching teenagers. She opened her heart and told me that she had kicked her own 18 year-old daughter out of the house and had the locks changed. She told me that she has spoken to countless other parents who are bewildered and exasperated by the toll that the youth culture is taking on their families. One woman moved out herself. (I'm assuming these are all unbelievers from a liberal comment the doctor made.) I thank God for the people who are overcoming evil with good - like you. My children are in college or on their own now, but I will continue to keep the filter service. (We adults need to keep our hearts and minds pure too). Thank you!!!
Barbara, VA