About Us

Founded in April of 1998 as American Family Online (AFO), our goal has been to provide the best and safest Internet services available. Since then our products and services have expanded to multiple filtering technologies and Internet services.  At the same time, we have kept our focus on Internet safety. And this isn't just safety in the general sense, AFO believes that a Christian believer needs an Internet service that supports their beliefs and values. Many companies say they are family friendly, but what does that really mean?

For AFO, it means protecting everyone in the family from Internet content that will come between you and God or you and your family. That means sites like Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, which are erotic and intended to be erotic, will be blocked for your protection. It means sites that promote promiscuous behavior and vulgarity will have bad content removed or filtered. It means we will do our best to protect you from the "dark side" of the Internet.

A good Internet filter works very much like a water filter. We need water to survive, but sometimes our water has things in it that can harm us. The water is still good, but the other contaminants are bad. A good water filter removes the contaminants and allows the clean water to pass. We do the same thing with our Internet services and filtering, we filter out the contaminants and allow the good content to pass.

Thank you for considering us as your filtering, email and/or hosting Internet provider!  We promise to do our best to serve you!  

Please do not be the next Internet victim ... let AFO help protect your family!

God Bless!

Steve Ensley (CEO)