Web Filtering

What is an Internet Filter?

A Christian Internet filter will spare you spam, porn, viruses, spyware and other undesirable content on your personal computer. Our Christian filtered Internet service is not just another ISP! If you are using another security suite like Norton, McAfee or Parental Controls, there are some big differences in how you and your family are protected. If you are concerned that your computer's Internet safety isn't up to par, you need an Internet content filter that helps protect your Christian lifestyle. Online protection from the AFO web content filter means more security and less worry about having your family values compromised by the Internet.

The TotalNetGuard Internet protection software suite of services protects your entire family using a Christian perspective and that makes all the difference! With TotalNetGuard you have improved Internet safety and accountability for your family while they are online. All family members, children, teens and adults are vulnerable when surfing the Internet. Our Christian Internet filter will improve safety for your entire family, providing a safer experience online. Pornography, gambling and Internet affairs are not harmless activities, they are destructive and these materials will find you even if you are not looking for them! We take Internet protection seriously, which is why we've created the best in Internet protection software for Christians. Please don't be fooled by Parental Controls and other weak filters that only pay lip service to family protection! TotalNetGuard cares about you!

Why Filtered Internet?

Internet safety begins with the parents. The proper concern and attitude about Internet safety is the primary ingredient necessary for protectiing your family. Along with the proper mindset, there are many tools available to help and we believe a Christian based web filter is the first choice. That is also why we believe the AFO TotalWebGuard filter can help protect your family. Imagine the feeling of empowerment regarding what your children are looking at online. Imagine a family-safe Internet that doesn't compromise your Christian family values.

This is possible when you add our web site content filter to your personal computer. A properly designed Internet filter will help protect the innocence of your children and keep them shielded from spam e-mail, pornography, vulgarity, extreme violence and other destructive Internet content. Our web filter will help protect your family from web sites you don't want them to see much like a water filter protects your family from contaminants in the water. The good content passes through while the destructive does not (see 2 minute video above).

Why Choose AFO?

  • American Family Online (AFO) offers multiple filtering options for all your needs, not just one like many other filter companies!
  • Founded in 1998, AFO is one of America's original national filtered Internet service providers. AFO helped pioneer new Internet filtering technology and services to fight the rapidly-growing dark side of the Internet.
  • AFO supports family values. We have the same Christian heritage and values you do!
  • AFO is committed to setting the standard for quality filtered internet service in the industry. Our employees are committed to taking care of our AFO customer family.
  • AFO is one of the few remaining ISPs who offer in-house customer service and support. Your calls for help won't be routed to another country!
  • AFO uses the best filtering technology available today to protect you from the dark side of the Internet. This technology is especially designed to provide maximum protection and performance, even for high-speed connections.
  • AFO filters your email, protecting you from virus, spam, and objectionable content.
  • AFO provides you with up to 10 email accounts (100MB of storage for each account).
  • AFO filtering technology and Internet Service provides clean connections Internationally.
  • AFO is endorsed by leading pro-family and Christian organizations, such as the American Decency Association and Florida Family Association and many more.

CLICK HERE to view a short video summarizing our filtering process.

Internet Safety

AFO is dedicated to making the Internet as safe as possible. Unfortunately, there is much more to it than blocking pornographic and violent sites. You should always start with a filtered internet service provider or a web filter for your current service to protect you and your family from internet predators.

AFO believes knowledge is the best weapon for online protection of your children. Before you let anyone in your family (including yourself) "surf the net" please know how to best protect yourself and your family. We would also add, never (even with protected internet service) let your children browse the internet without keeping a close eye on where they are going. The best way to do this is to have the computer located in an area of the house that has a lot of traffic, like the living room or kitchen. If this is not an option make sure the computer is where you can see the screen at a moments notice. In other words, the moment you walk into the room you should be able to see the screen. Also make use of the history and accountability tools available with a good filter.

Safety Tips from the FBI

  • Never give out identifying information such as Name, Home Address, School Name, or Telephone Number in a public message such as at a chat room or on bulletin boards. Never send a person a picture of you without first checking with your parent or guardian.
  • Never respond to email messages or social site postings that are: Suggestive, Obscene, Belligerent, Threatening, Make You Feel Uncomfortable
  • Be careful when someone offers you something for nothing, such as gifts and money. Be very careful about any offers that involve your coming to a meeting or having someone visit your house.
  • Tell your parent or guardian right away if you come across any information that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Never arrange a face to face meeting without telling your parent or guardian. If your parent or guardian agree to the meeting, make sure that you meet in a public place and have a parent or guardian with you.
  • Remember that people online may not be who they seem. Because you can't see or even hear the person it would be easy for someone to misrepresent him or herself. Thus, someone indicating that "she" is a "12-year-old-girl" could in reality be an older man.
  • Be sure that you are dealing with someone that you and your parents know and trust before giving out any personal information about yourself via E-mail.
  • Be sure you really know your "online friends" just as you know all of your other friends.

What Gets Filtered

Sites that sell or have information on the recreational use of alcohol. This category includes sites that sell alcohol, sites of alcohol manufacturers, sites that show how to make mixed drinks, and similar sites.

Alternative Lifestyles
Information promoting adultery, infidelity, same gender and/or trans-gendered relationships.

Sites containing information regarding militias, weapons, antigovernment groups, terrorism, and simliar sites.

Sites that promote online chatting where there is no moderator to monitor the conversation (a moderator is a person who monitors the room the entire time the chat room is open).

Criminal Skills
Sites that promote illegal activities, instructions, or information that can be used to commit illegal activities. Such activities include making bombs, software hacking, lock picking, selling pirated material and software, and counterfeiting.

Sites that encourage Gothic and/or cult lifestyles like female enslavement, body mutilation and similar sites.

Drug Use
Sites that encourage the use of recreational drugs. This category includes sites which have information about topics such as growing, buying, or selling illegal drugs.

Sites where monetary bets are placed such as a gambling site which requires an online payment in order to participate.

R-rated Games
Sites which offer violent or role playing games and related information such as cheats, codes, demos, role-playing games and emulators.

Sites which target a group of people based on race, gender, religion, culture in a hateful or derogatory manner.

Offensive Humor
Sites that post jokes, humorous stories, or other forms of humor which can be offensive or erotic.

Sites which host web or browser-based newsgroups.

Sites which involve such things as mutilation, murder, bodily functions, horror, death, candid scenes, executions, violence, and similiar sites.

Sites which are related to personal advertisements, dating sites, dating services, relationships, introductions, and simliar sites.

Sites which contain material which is intended to be sexually arousing or erotic. This includes photos, animation, cartoons, and stories. Web sites which have restrictions such as "Adults Only" or "You must be 18 to view this site".

Sites which contain lingerie, swimsuits, and revealing pictures. Sites that are adult in nature without being explicitly pornographic.

Web-based Proxies and Anonymizers
Web sites which offer free anonymous proxy services often used for hacking and bypassing filters.

Social Site Content
These are blocked because of the large amounts of pornographic web pages which are located in the Clubs, Groups, and Profiles sections.

Please note: While the AFO filter uses the best technology available to filter inappropriate content, no filter can claim to be 100% effective, nor can it be a substitute for good parental supervision.


Thank you for your faithfulness in controlling the viewed pages over the Internet. I am behind you all the way.
Rebecca, MS
I personally want to thank you for watching my back in such matters as this. My wife and I are missionaries to Africa and just don't have the time to check every email out for it's content.
Leland and Lynn, AL
You are doing the Godly thing by blocking these sites. I requested Facebook to be blocked due to a sexual matter and with out hesitation you blocked it for me. Thank you for doing what is right!!!!!!!!!!!
Robyn, MD
I just wanted to thank you again for your strong moral stand. Thank you for the many lives that will be protected because of your courage and strength. It is so incredibly important to have an alternative to the predatory culture. I went to a walk-in clinic this weekend because I had flu symptoms. The doctor, upon seeing that I had my elementary teacher books with me, told me how "lucky" I was that I wasn't teaching teenagers. She opened her heart and told me that she had kicked her own 18 year-old daughter out of the house and had the locks changed. She told me that she has spoken to countless other parents who are bewildered and exasperated by the toll that the youth culture is taking on their families. One woman moved out herself. (I'm assuming these are all unbelievers from a liberal comment the doctor made.) I thank God for the people who are overcoming evil with good - like you. My children are in college or on their own now, but I will continue to keep the filter service. (We adults need to keep our hearts and minds pure too). Thank you!!!
Barbara, VA