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What Gets Filtered

  Sites that sell or have information on the recreational use of alcohol. This category includes sites that sell alcohol, sites of alcohol
  manufacturers, sites that show how to make mixed drinks, and similar sites.

Alternative Lifestyles
  Information promoting adultery, infidelity, same gender and/or trans-gendered relationships.

  Sites containing information regarding militias, weapons, antigovernment groups, terrorism, and simliar sites.

  Sites that promote online chatting where there is no moderator to monitor the conversation (a moderator is a person who monitors
  the room the entire time the chat room is open).

Criminal Skills
  Sites that promote illegal activities, instructions, or information that can be used to commit illegal activities. Such activities include
  making bombs, software hacking, lock picking, selling pirated material and software, and counterfeiting.

  Sites that encourage Gothic and/or cult lifestyles like female enslavement, body mutilation and similar sites.

Drug Use
  Sites that encourage the use of recreational drugs. This category includes sites which have information about topics such as growing,
  buying, or selling illegal drugs.

  Sites where monetary bets are placed such as a gambling site which requires an online payment in order to participate.

R-rated Games
  Sites which offer violent or role playing games and related information such as cheats, codes, demos, role-playing games and

  Sites which target a group of people based on race, gender, religion, culture in a hateful or derogatory manner.

Offensive Humor
  Sites that post jokes, humorous stories, or other forms of humor which can be offensive or erotic.

  Sites which host web or browser-based newsgroups.

  Sites which involve such things as mutilation, murder, bodily functions, horror, death, candid scenes, executions, violence, and similiar

  Sites which are related to personal advertisements, dating sites, dating services, relationships, introductions, and simliar sites.

  Sites which contain material which is intended to be sexually arousing or erotic. This includes photos, animation, cartoons, and stories.
  Web sites which have restrictions such as "Adults Only" or "You must be 18 to view this site".

  Sites which contain lingerie, swimsuits, and revealing pictures. Sites that are adult in nature without being explicitly pornographic.

Web-based Proxies and Anonymizers
  Web sites which offer free anonymous proxy services often used for hacking and bypassing filters.

Social Site Content
  These are blocked because of the large amounts of pornographic web pages which are located in the Clubs, Groups, and Profiles

Please note: While the AFO filter uses the best technology available to filter inappropriate content, no filter can claim to be 100% effective, nor can it be a substitute for good parental supervision.