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In this world of social sites, twitter, cloud services, online gaming and more, it seems there are so many technology options for communicating with each other. One thing that remains constant in all this technology is that email is alive and continues to be a major tool for communications.

Email goes back to the early 80's in the form of message boards and has not changed a lot since then except for exploding in popularity. Over the years spam and viruses and hackers have abused the technology to the point were it can be downright unsafe to use.

Still ...

It works and most folks still use email. We at AFO think email is here to stay, but we also think it can be done better. Therefore with our 17+ years of experience in protecting families online and in email filtering, we have developed our new service designed to resolve safety, security and privacy issues. Please take a moment to review the benefits and then sign up for this ad free email service.

•  Ad-free.
•  Secure email.
•  History not shared.
•  Server level anti-virus.
•  Spam filtering.
•  IMAP compliant.
•  100% Delivery in network.
•  Live U.S. based technical support.
•  Available on all Internet connected devices.
•  Use as a primary email or a second private email.
•  SSL secured encryption.
•  First 30 days free!
If you have more questions, please contact us at or call 850-362-6180.

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